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Nau mai, Haere mai

Welcome to HFS Northern Wairoa

Welcome to HFS, a diverse make-up of age, colour and creed with a sprinkle of weirdos. Our common goal is to foster a culture of inclusiveness and togetherness; from that, the magic happens.

Our product is our community. From that zone of comfort, we encourage you to challenge yourself! Push outside your "comfort zone" to learn, try, and fail. Once you've understood and worked through the emotional, mental, and physical challenges, it's time to move on to the next.

To do that, we offer a 1-hour coach-led strength and conditioning program. Our program is tailored to meet, test, challenge, and grow your individual abilities. It's a proven program to create healthy habits. It complements all sports and can cater to those who desire to compete.

To be Healthier, Fitter, and Stronger, you just need to be "Better than yesterday."

What our members say about HFS

“At HFS, I truly feel part of one big whānau. Everyone supports and encourages you to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be! The workout changes everyday, so you are always growing and learning. The physical and mental benefits of being part of the HFS whānau have been life-changing for me!" 

Taria Tane


Meet our Coaches!

Regan Walters

Head Coach

Kia Ora Everyone!

My name is Regs

Over the years I've watched, played, coached, tried to retire, admired and LOVE sports as a whole.  

I love the competitiveness of it, the combat, the skill of it all and last but not least the camaraderie that comes with sport.

While living in Brisbane Maz introduced me to Crossfit/Boot Camps/Group training/Functional Movements.  We both quickly fell in love with this type of training because every day was different and challenging, but like sports, I loved the camaraderie and community feel of it.

I'm really excited by the opportunity to provide this type of training for our community and I know you'll be addicted to it in no time as well.

See you all soon

Where to find us

101 River Road, Dargaville

PH: 021 0854 5252 

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